Annotation on Technical Communication

In this article it is shown that using technology to communicate ideas is paramount. The argument is that in a written document it may come across as unprofessional, whereas in a typed document it professionally answers the ‘who are you’ question. It is easier to communicate the recommendation of the writer in typed documents as well. An efficient document is told as having organization and being suited for a user’s needs and abilities. A technical document also reaches a broader range of readers. Good writing is a basis of good job preformance. Writing should give a portrayal of visibility and authority. Job performance is also a way to convey and recieve information, it skips over human interaction and gets to the point. Technology is universal and is universally accessed. It is an accumulation of knowledge that is widespread and globally enhanced.

Progress in my Work

In English 122A I have shown an understanding in writing as a recursive process.  I have created multiple drafts and revised work on each.  I have gained the skill of essay organization due to my multiple drafts and rigorous editing process. Given the week to complete proofreading, I have been able to organize and effectively summarize my thoughts in a competent way.

  • Work on Literacy Moment essay
  • Finding self regarding internet

I have used the Little Seagull Handbook in aid of integrating quotes and paraphrases into my work for the class. My analysis of the given texts has improved. I have been able to learn- through the class work- that there are different ways to cite a quotation into an essay.

  • Quoting Gee and Cuddy in Discourse paper

I improved my ability of critical reading from the help of difficult texts.  The texts assigned in the course, challenged me to read over and annotate multiple times.  I challenged myself in finding multiple meanings in a text.

  • Gee


Since moving to college, I have had to learn to live on my own. I have learned to eat at the right times without my parents telling me “dinner is ready” and I’ve had to learn to eat my greens. I have learned that the maid will not be doing my laundry or making my bed anymore. I have learned that I need to go to sleep at resonable times in order to be alert for classes the following morning. I have had to learn to be independent. I have learned that the people I meet now will most likely be my best friends for the rest of my life. My biggest change has been adjusting to a new regular. This isn’t a vacation, it’s the place I will spend the majority of the next four years at. I have to realize and embrace that I am an audlt. Home will never be home again. Home will be school and then my first apartment that leads into my first house. My parent’s house will always be my first home. I have also had to embrace that, Nathan is growing older and I am missing it. He will be 15 as I’m graduating college. I have to learn to become a well nourished, well slept, responsible adult.

Class Discussion 11/15

It is hard to be let in to a Discourse; it is hard to fake your way in.  It is more complicated to fake a way in rather than learn it.  Apprenticeship is an easier way to merge your way into the discourse. Mushfaking is making do, it is using the resources available to create a background to allow the access into a discourse.  It could involve drawing on the already formed bank of knowledge.  Mushfaking is less thought out and planned. Sympathetic faciliy, in Gee’s story works for Gee because it works to illustrate, support and filter.  Five year old that cannot read, how is it filtering?  The girl is taking something she already knows what to do and she merges (filters) it into a second discourse of story telling. She knows how stories work because she has heard them before. Conflict that gets resolved is the basis of a story.

Reading as a Writer Assignment

The idea of “mushfaking” has been brought up time and time again.  It is the concept in Gee’s text.  When the excerpt of Habits of the Creative Mind comes into play; is when Gee’s ideas become reinforced.  Gee believes that mushfaking is when a person fakes their way into a dicsourse.  In HOTCM, it briefly touches upon the fact that she was denied the same oppurtunity that her male counterpart recieved.  The excerpt changes and begins to address the discussion of a piece of art.  Then the excerpt begins to cover the area of discourse, the idea that discourse is learned best in a school setting.  Learning to track resources and look at the bigger picture.  Is the text now examining the discourse of war? What casulties are brought upon and what cannot be learned from reading about said war. Filtering is learned from active social settings.  It is not taught, it is learned. Filtering is the act of merging a first dicourse and a secondary discourse together.  If one is in lack of the filtering device, they will be unable to find the correct words to say per situation.  This brings it back to the first part of Gee’s excerpt when the man is unable to combine the right “saying, doing” when presented to do so. Gee’s last comment on Discourse brings it to Oscar Wilde.  He states that being too learned, if there is such a thing, will result in being less important and a lower class in the world.  I beleive that finding ones own discourse is crucial to fit in social settings. collreadwrit1a

Re-Seeing Draft Using Gee

screen-shot-2016-11-09-at-10-14-27-pm screen-shot-2016-11-09-at-10-14-37-pm screen-shot-2016-11-09-at-10-14-51-pmWith the little substance given my peers were able to give me clear and concise feedback to my essay-

In the first portion of my essay, I was advised to give a short description of each of the topics I brought up.  I could possibly look for quotes from the text to support this better. Expanding on non verbals and verbals will better my introduction paragraph.

In my second peer review advice I was instructed to give more examples.  I briefly touched upon Gee’s second theorem but gave no body to the statement.  In my revisions I will have to revisit this and give it concreteness.

In my final peer review comment, I was told to give the essay more organization. In my first and second drafts of an essay I try to put all my ideas onto the paper and then work from there on organizing.

Looking back at Gee’s paper and my annotations; I can pull ideas from that and include them into my paper.  The idea that possibly using human events and emotions into the paper will give it substance and more relibility is interesting.  Filtering is what caught my eye the most.  The thought process of looking at my own first and secondary discourses and inclduing them into my paper.  Possibly intertwining them into one discourse.  This will be revisited in my next blog post and will be (attempted) to be included into my essay.



Two Robust Paragraphs- Unfinished

I believe that language and functioning go hand in hand.  Something can be said but not have full meaning until a movement accompanies it. Gee explains that Discourse is not just language but also the action that accompanies it.  Cuddy touches upon this in her TED talk; stating that body language is crucial in accompaniment of speech.  Gee gives the example of a bar.  He gives it the name of “saying-doing”.  “‘Gime a match, wouldya?’ while placing a napkin on the bar stool to avoid getting my newly pressed designer jeans dirty”

“So you make big, you stretch out, you take up space, you’re basically opening up. It’s about opening up” connect to Gee

“Power is that we complement the other’s nonverbals”

“How powerful do you feel” superwoman pose


Gee and Cuddy 9-13

I believe that Gee’s first theorem is saying that someone can know the language of English itself but not truly reach the full extent of knowledge. I beleive that he is trying to portray the idea that without a social role in the language it will never be fully understood.  I think this is controversial because it is untrue, a language can be learned by involvement besides a social role.  Gee’s second theorem overlooks the statement that learning a discourse holds no true value.  It will hold no value until the discourse is critiqued by oneself.  This is controversial because many could argue that discourse is valuable without the critiquing aspect.

In the first portion of Cuddy’s talk she examines how body language can affect the way something is carried about.  This could include Gee’s belief that without social connection a discourse is not learned.  Other than that, I observe no true difference in how the actions are related.  Cuddy give slittle insight into tools besides the Wonder Woman stance and opening oneself up using their body.  Gee’s notes could be stretched to relate that a discourse could more easily be learned by opening oneself by not only their mind but their body as well.  Could this satisfy the social interaction of a discourse outside the primary?


Gee and Cuddy

  1. I believe that Gee, when saying that Discourse is saying (writing)-doing-being-valuing-believing combinations, he is referring to actions.  I believe that it involves speaking, thinking and acting.  It is about social cognigation. I think this was also shown in Cuddy’s TED talk when she referred to when a student visited her.

2. The difference between primary and secondary discourse is centered around geographical and up bringing.  Primary discourse is the first exposure to discourse.  It is what is learned and adapted from home life.  Secondary discourse is what is adapted from outside influences.  Primary discourse is also easier to learn rather than a forced situation such as in school.  Dominant and non dominant focuses more on the power of words.    The skill of how the words are initiated is also a part of how dominant the phrase can be.

4.  Cuddy talked about how in certain majors it is important to have the class participation.  Cuddy brings up an example of how the Prime Minister failed to give a handshake after Obama had given one.  Cuddy uses this as an example of how body language can truly affect a view on a person.  Body language is just as important as verbal communication.  In a business setting it is most important to have the discourse of proper body language. collreadwrit1a